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title unknown :D
"I'm sorry!" Paul yelled at me. I flipped him off and kicked him where the sun dosen't shine. "Do me a favor baby and shove it," I said cooly while he was on the ground. "Your phyco!" He gasped. At this I smiled. "Paul you always knew how to flatter me." I climbed into my car where my friend was laughing. I giggled. "How did I do?" I asked. She tried to regain her composure. But she still laughed when she tried to talk. Finally she manged to calm down and said in her judging voice I knew so well, "A nine." She smiled again. I climbed into the drivers seat and started the car.
   "And you wonder why no one messes with you." She says shaking her head. "I don't wonder about that. I know why. i think it started when I lit Josh's room on fire." She burst into laughter again and we drove to her house talking about all the things I've done. As we pulled into he driveway I protested feebly, "I didn't think the glass would actually break when i punched it. It really isn't my faul
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song of the roses
She was dancing. And her hair was being swayed by the music and the swinging of their bodies. He pulled her aside. And as she is smiling sweetly in her party dress. And he softly tells her trying not to attract attention how she isn't good enough. And they aren't a good couple. She slowly stops smiling and the tears scream down her face. She runs into the garden. Her freind who is in love with her was planning on telling her his feelings that night. But he can't even step out and hold her. He crouches in the shadows and listens to her crying all night. he can't work up the courage. He holds a rose he was going to give her. As he to starts to cry for her, and for him with his lack of courage. He curshes the flower and listens to her sniffles and sobs. He longs to reach for her. But it is like a invisible weight is on his hands. He wants to hold her in his arms. But he can't. He can't move. His breathing is short. And right there he slowly falls. She sees him on the ground as light reach
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
Turn up the volume and crash
Turn the volume up on the radio to where it makes you want to cry. And feel the warm tears run down your cheeks. Don't cry just run into me across open fields of sorrows. If everything is crashing around you crash into me like a wave to the shore. I fall to the bottom of your jewel eyes and drown in them. And just hold me. Love me until everything stops existing. And we'll make love stay alive. Whisper sweet lies. Hum me a love song when everything is loud and I'll hear you. I'll soften the edges of your heart and smooth out the cuts. Kiss the scars away. Hug me till I feel no pain. And be there when I call. Pick up the pieces and glue them back. No matter how small. Have you ever turned the volume up so loud you cried? If not, try it. [It'll break your heart]
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
I want someone
Wth eyes that
Will crash into mine
With such ferosity
That the stars
Will fall through
The broken heaven skies
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 1 3
drop dead gergeous death
Drop dead gorgeous
She's something pretty
Something violent
Something lurking in your dreams
The box of sleeping wishes
Where nothing is as it seems
Where a kitten could become a lion
And rip out your punding heart
She put images in your head
They scared even the bravest men
And when you lay down in bed
She'll peel off your skin
She circles you purring
Always on duty waiting to attack
Your vision is failing, the images blurring
Go to sleep and she'll come see you there
Nothing stops her
Nothing my dear
Her smile so daring
The scream stuck in your throat
She rips your throat out the pain is so searing
Don't bother to yell
She is willing to meet you any place
And shred every cell
Your coffin, her case
Have you guessed she is
They say Death is horrible
And ugly
But it's a beauty in its own self
Tearing your bones
And crushing your home
She'll cut you open
And let you bleed
On the new carpet
And if you could speak
Or breathe or even think
You'd cry out
I just bought this
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
Candle kisses and wax romance
Let the flame of the candle
Guide our hands down
and around each other
Getting as close as lovers do
Merging into one for tonight
See the candle burning bright
Our blue veins rush
And our hearts beat faster
And our skin is clear
Like paper glass
And we can see each others heart
Beating wild in the soft cool dark
And we kiss soft and light
While our body's are one
We dissapear
Only left a candle burning
Burning like our eyes
In the most intense moment of passion
The candle will burn out
The wax will melt away
But our kiss will remain
A shadow of a un-thought sin
And the true loving will begin
When the candle flame extinguishes
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
I get it
You don't care
I get it
Now goodbye
We're nothing
Okay I understad
And I'm nothing
To you or anyone else
I get it
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
let me know
I just want to know
Just want you to show
Know if your real
Show how you feel
I can't play this game
In the end will you be the same?
I won't get hurt
I won't get cut short
The pain I can't accept
Your al I have left
Please don't leave me here
Oh sometimes your so unfair
Please keep me close to your heart
Now this is your part
Tell me what you mean
And end my misery...
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
Tell me that you'll miss me
You'll miss me won't you?
Tell me you'll miss me
We've had our marvelous break through
But now we're back to being light and airy
Oh you'll definitley miss me when I'm not here
I mean who wouldn't?
But I can see I'm nothing special, don't pay attention this tear
Or that one either, I'm only crying in the moment
Tell me that you'll miss us
Tell me clear and tell me loud, evin if you shout
Sometimes I even try to make you jealous
But tell me that you'll miss me and what I'm all about...
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
Cause of death : Confusion
My head's on the floor
And blood's running out
But time's running faster
And the tears  that I spilled
Have never looked so red
Maybe it's the light
The color dosen't seem right
And these marks on my wrists
I thought it was just pen
but I can't wash it away
The lines look the same
Maybe I'm missing something
Something other than you
Maybe I just don't get it
Didn't get what to do
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 15
I wish we were just pieces of a puzzle or game
and no piece was the same
but when you found the pieces that fit
you were one step closer to perfect
and when you finishd it all
your one little piece seems so small
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 3
Leave me alone
Okay maybe I didn't mean to break you
But you said you wanted me to
So I did and here you are crying
AT MY FEET talking about dying!?
When it was YOU who decided to lie to me
And talk about my homie!?
So all you can say is I wont lose you
And when I say says who
You sit there in silence with pleading eyes
And to God you cry
But he dosen't talk back
Because it's a soul you lack
So you can't let me go?
let me make it easy and say LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
My heart must have gone dumb
My whole body is numb
I'm worried since I can't feel
Are feelings even real?
When will it hit
And tear me bit to bit
That you need alot of breaks
When will my body re-awake
The pain is back
Hitting like a panic attack
I think it was best
When my heart was still in rest
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0
I miss who you were
I miss who you were
Today came with a reminder. That your not who you were. I've seen then new you for so long I forgot the old you existed.They merged together. But today you hadn't smoked I and I saw you for the first time in a while. And it struck something in my heart. You were sweet and loving but not the mean and cruel person you become when you smoke. And I could fall on my knees begging you to stop.But you would keep on. Since you always have. And you say if you were with me you wouldn't need to. Is this my fault sweetheart. Don't bury me with guilt please I'm under the ground already. What you don't get is how addiction isn't somehting you can stop. And I can't change it. Your losing people but you say if you have me you'll be okay. What if you lose me because of it. Will that make you stop?  Or can nothing drag you up and save you. I hate to say this but I don't miss you... I miss who you were. I wish I could save you. But it's far to late now. I love you. But I hat
:iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 2
i love you by xxcrossbladegirlxx i love you :iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0 yeah so bored and on paint :D by xxcrossbladegirlxx yeah so bored and on paint :D :iconxxcrossbladegirlxx:xxcrossbladegirlxx 0 0


I Don't Know How To Tell You
i don't know how to tell you
how much i love you
i don't know how to tell you
how much it hurts when we're apart
i don't know how to tell you
how much you mean to me
i don't know how to tell you
that you have all of my heart
i don't know how to tell you
how you changed my life
i don't know how to tell you
things i cannot say
i don't know how to tell you
how you make my heart change beats
i don't know how to tell you
how much i think of you each day
i don't know how to tell you
the truth without the pain
i don't know how to tell you
what you mean to me
i don't know how to tell you
i'd die without you here
i don't know how to tell you
you're everything i see
i don't know how to tell you
because i don't have the right words
i don't know how to tell you
your joy and pain is mine
i don't know how to tell you
you're my weakness and my strength
i don't know how to tell you
that you make the stars shine
i don't know how to tell you
that it can't go on like this
i don't know how to tell you
i w
:iconiammyownalias:IAmMyOwnAlias 37 12
everyone loves you
everyone loves when
the loveliest you've ever seen
i'm burning all the scenery
the happiest i've ever been
nevermind the casualties
brick & stick & tin
these 4 walls
are MUCH too much
for me
a lean-to two blocks d o w n
will suit me fine
i'll be around
candlesticks & matches
allyour what-have-you
stitches, patches
let's not cry for spilt milk
or breath wasted
on two diamonds
in the rough
'cause you know how GORGEOUS
we are
the loveliest you'll ever see
now beautiful,
would you know who
if i turned
:iconsollunestraa:sollunestraa 2 10
001 by Gramophone 001 :icongramophone:Gramophone 3 1
Dear Diary...
Dear Diary,
I can't sleep at night anymore, I sit wide eyed writing your name. Over, and Over. What you said still lingers in my mind. What we said together meant nothing. You're leaving and I can't imagine being here without you...
Good-bye I write beside your name. I'm gonna give it to him to see if he knows I wrote it. If he does, he'll figure it out. Damn. But if I don't...I'll stay up every night for the rest of my life wondering what're doing right now.... Are you thinking of me? Or her. Probably her.
:iconshugoie:Shugoie 3 10
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous
She starves herself, one day at a time. Weighs herself but isnt satisfied. Over the toilet she purges her binge. The fingers she uses to gag herself are twisted and thin. Her teeth are rotting at their core. Her tongue is singed and her throat is always sore. Her stomach is shrinking and her bones protrude. Never enough and its not worth the food. But none of that really matters, because she's drop dead gorgeous.
Each day that goes by she hates herself. More and more she beats herself. Taking the razor that leaves her skin bare, she cuts herself ten times without any care. She loves the blood as it beeds up from her incisions. She smiles as it throbs and is glad with her decision. She deserves it, she thinks she's not worth it. And each time it goes deeper and the scar will grow longer. And each time the pain and addiction grow stronger. But none of that really matters, becuase she's drop dead gorgeous.
In the shower she always cries. She wishes the day would wash of
:iconkaitlee:kaitlee 150 66
Bye Bye by benzsg87 Bye Bye :iconbenzsg87:benzsg87 149 15
It's Never My Fault
How can you stand
To blame it all on me
Scream in my face
And tell me I've done wrong
When you were the one
Who held me so close
On nights we were alone
And whispered you loved me
Now you just
Yell at me all the time
Give me the cold shoulder
And leave me broken and confused
It was never my fault
That you broke my heart
It could never be blamed on me
That it was your choice
To let me go
But you blame it all on me
When it was never my fault
To start with
It's never my fault
When reality doesn't match
Your perfect fantasies
Or when you don't get
Your way
When things go wrong
So don't blame it
All on me
Because it was
Never my fault
:iconimmortal-sacrifice:Immortal-Sacrifice 1 1
Its over. grow up. by Geistig Its over. grow up. :icongeistig:Geistig 15,784 1,785 they're meant to be there by MalvaAlcea they're meant to be there :iconmalvaalcea:MalvaAlcea 768 216
You've Ruined My Mascara
You've ruined my mascara far too many times
And I've given you well over far too many dimes
Because of your pent-up hate and my so-called crimes.
You've ruined my mascara far too many times.
And the fact that I can't see
And the way my throat is dry
Why won't you just leave me be?
Why won't you just let me die?
And the little circles on my pillow case
And those black lines all down my face
Are all just stains I can't erase.
And the way I'm just lying here
And the fact that I'm feeling very dead
Forgetting the happiness I held so dear.
All because of something you said.
You've ruined my mascara far too many times
And you've told me far too many of your lines
And I've given you oh-so-many signs.
Still, You've ruined my mascara far too many times.
:iconastroxkitty:AstroxKitty 2 5
Music and art by heyart Music and art :iconheyart:heyart 2 2 eat ur hart out by JeanFan eat ur hart out :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 2,191 411 _ever after. by josefinejonssonphoto _ever after. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 456 120
Sad Love Story
"Trust me," he said,
And held out his hand.
"I will" she replied,
Like trusting the sand.
"Love me," he cooed,
And showed off his heart.
"I love you," she said,
Now can't be apart.
"Follow me," he insisted,
And started to show.
"Take me away," She agreed,
And let her life go.
"Leave me," he ordered,
And pushed her away.
" I hate you!" she cried,
Still lost to this day.
"Kill me," she whispered,
As she looked down the cup.
"Need to go," she sobbed,
Her life, to the poison, gave up.
:iconnotworthmytime:NotWorthMyTime 65 29
A Sad Day
Please don't let him bring you down
I don't want to watch you waste away
I wish I could run to your arms
And promise you a better day
I want you to surrender
The awful games you play
Just for once in your life
I wish you'd ask me to stay
I watch you from my window
As you give into his demand
I know you just want to be "cool"
And you think I don't understand
But as the days fly past
And I wait for your call
I start to think you don't care
Because I'm nothing at all
Then I get depressed
And slowly wither away
I can think of nothing else
Except that one day
When you told me I was yours
And you loved me true
Now I look in the mirror
And know I'm nothing to you
:icontears-of-affliction:Tears-Of-Affliction 236 30



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havent been on really
my birthday  was cool =]]
school has started and since the hott/and cute guys
are endless
i don't mind!
alex and alec <3
even spazic jacob has the cutest smile ever!
my dads over here
im shocked they let me sleep
my parents dont even know im awake! :D
so I have been kinda absent here
and so yeeeah
everyone wish me luck with talking to alex/alec/messing with jacob to see if i did something personal to him??
so I'm going to go outside my bedroom :(
i robably wont quite cleaning/working till like seven or eight
eh eh eh
byee now =]]


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